Atomic Operations has announced the imminent release of Fat Princess Fat Roles DLC for PS3.

Priced £3.99 and available to download from Tuesday, June 29, Fat Roles unleashes Pirates, Ninjas and Giants into the world of Fat Princess. These three new character classes promise to bring a "whole new level of awesomeness to the frenzied 32-player battles".

A new multi-class magic hat spawner will be activated in every level of Fat Princess. Pirates can call in cannon ball attacks, Ninjas can hide in the shadows to sneak through doors, and the all-mighty Giants can cause rumbling earthquakes and gain health by chomping on their enemies.

Atomic Operations has also announced that Patch 1.06 activates the new Fat Princess Party feature.

Patch 1.06 delivers four-player same-console co-op for free to everyone who owns Fat Princess. Fans will be able to enjoy couch co-op in both online and offline games. Players will also be able to re-spawn at outposts, which adds a whole new level of co-op strategy.

The patch also introduces clan tags and password-protected games to make playing with your friends even easier.