Far Cry 5’s Dead Living Zombies is out next week

Far Cry 5’s Dead Living Zombies is out next week
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Ubisoft has announced that Dead Living Zombies, the upcoming third slice of DLC for Far Cry 5, will launch on August 28 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

The undead-themed expansion sees players teaming up with a bloke named Guy Marvel, a D-tier film guru looking to pitch his vision for an 'epic zombie saga' by having you battle hordes of walking corpses across various different scenarios.

One of these includes a zombie-infested take on the story of Romeo and Juliet, with the former just happening to be an amalgamation of pretty much every horror creature you can think of.

Dead Living Zombies follows on from the previous two Far Cry 5 expansions, namely Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars

Far Cry 5 was released back in March, and Colm really rated it, so it must be good, innit?