Over half an hour of gameplay footage for Ubisoft's yet to be announced Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has made it online (although Ubisoft is acting fast to have the videos removed).

The footage is taken from the beginning of the game, showing off its 80s sci-fi action movie vibe.

As a standalone downloadable title things appear to have been simplified over the Far Cry 3 experience. Gone is the skill tree, with a basic levelling system dishing out new abilities as players progress. Starting abilities include chaining silent takedowns, underwater breathing and resistance to damage when taking a fall.

It's not clear how the game was obtained, but the leak comes several weeks ahead of the rumoured May 1 release date.

So far everything we've seen and heard about the game has come from supposed leaks, so much so that you have to wonder if it has all been part of Ubisoft's marketing plan...