Fans think that parts of The Last of Us Part 2 will be in Seattle

Fans think that parts of The Last of Us Part 2 will be in Seattle
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We know that Naughty Dog are working on The Last Of Us Part II, and we also know that Ellie has tattoos and plays the guitar now, but what we don’t know is where The Last Of Us Part II will take place. According to a few dedicated fans of the game, one of the locations in the Last of Us 2 is Seattle, Washington, and they’ve been posting proof to back this up.

Since announcing the game, Naughty Dog has gone radio silent on The Last Of Us Part II – so fans have taken it upon themselves to pick through every aspect of the reveal trailer in order to reveal more clues about the game and its setting.

The location in question was shown in the brief trailer from the PlayStation Experience in 2016, and no one seemed to have twigged on to it at the time, but it seems that some fans may be onto something with it now. First the Reddit user Voldsby noticed that the signage in the game was the same design as those in Seattle. They also backed this up with a sign from the background of The Last of Us 2 concept art, which was a building with the a sign saying Driftwood. In Seattle, the collection of driftwood without a permit, for home improvement and construction, is a criminal offence but also a common occurrence.

With numerous images linking to different parts of Seattle, as well as mapping them out showing that the locations in the reveal were close to one another in real-life, this could well mean that Seattle will be at least one of the game’s locations.

The Last of Us played heavily on its use of location, which changed as the journey of Joel and Ellie progressed, beginning in Austin, Texas, passing through Pittsburgh, and Jackson County, before taking the player to Boston. The locations changed along with the seasons, showcasing a storied progression of the players journey over time. It also wouldn’t be the first time that a game has taken place in the Pacific Northwest, with a number of recent games being based in the leafy Cascadian region. The likes of Alan Wake, Gone Home, What Remains of Edith Finch and the upcoming zombie action game, Days Gone, all benefit greatly from the beautiful and varied scenery.