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Fallout 76 will add four-legged friends in a forthcoming update

Fallout 76 will be getting pets, as well as new companions, enemies, events, and areas to explore (via PCGamesN).

The Wastelanders update launched last week, and introduced a cast of non-playable characters to the eerily empty MMORPG. There are the Raider and the Settler factions, and player choices will determine their friendliness toward them. Moreover, the update brought brand new quests and companions, boosting the game with new features and adventures to take on. 

Project lead Jeff Gardiner and lead designer Ferret Baudoin welcomed players’ questions, theories, comments, and queries in a Reddit AMA. Gardiner confirmed that pets are on the way to the wasteland, now that the companion system is integrated into Fallout 76. Additionally, new allies will appear in Appalachia as well as the new NPCs that arrived with Wastelanders.

However, multiple NPCs at the player’s C.A.M.P. might not work: “While we would love to do this there are numerous issues that would need to be addressed. Doubling the amount of NPCs in the world comes at a heavy cost!” That being said, there will be an ability to dress up companions—just like Fallout 4’s cast of characters—in the patch scheduled for May. New events are in the works, including one that spotlights the formidable Wendigo Colossus. Bethesda is keenly aware that the live game does need adjustments and tweaks, and will also be implementing small-scale and large-scale fixes.

The team is “looking to re-balance the entire game, or ‘normalize’, later this year,” which will “eliminate a lot of the rough edges” and “create a more measured and balanced experience for players of all levels.” It is also possible that there will be new areas to explore, and the Brotherhood of Steel is said to be “watching the wasteland of West Virginia very closely…”

This AMA is a lot of text to parse for players, and Bethesda will be condensing its intentions into a readable format. “We're working on a roadmap right now and hope to have one to you very soon,” stated Gardiner. “It will include content for the entire year!” 

Fallout 76 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 


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