Fallout 76 unveils 2022 roadmap including aliens and more

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Bethesda has lifted the lid on what wasteland wanderers can expect from Fallout 76 in 2022 with a new roadmap.

The online RPG kicks things off in the Spring with Invaders From Beyond, bringing alien threats to the Appalachia wastes. Expect the extra-terrestrial threats to show up in Public Events and random encounters in the world. Also that month players can look forward to a Fallout Worlds update allowing them to earn SCORE. Finally, the Spring will also see the launch of Season 8 content, entitled A Better Life Underground!

Summer brings along a robotic-focused theme to proceedings with Test Your Metal. There’ll be plenty of fights against automaton foes to deal with, as well as upgrades to Fallout 1st scoreboard progression and Season 9. The Fall will of course bring season 10 along with a brand new expedition in the form of The Pitt. Players will get to pick up new missions in a post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh and earn new rewards.

The year rounds off with a travelling show, as Nuke World on Tour comes to the wasteland. Along with the sideshow shenanigans, expect a new Season, a new region boss and a healthy smattering of public events. Naturally, we can expect more details on each Fallout 76 season closer to their launch across 2022. For the most imminent one, Invaders in Space, you can check out some developer gameplay in the video below.

Elsewhere in the world of Fallout, it transpired this past weekend that the upcoming Amazon TV series has cast actor Walton Goggins.

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