by on Sep 3, 2020

Fall Guys teases addition of Big Yeetus to the game

Fall Guys, the immensely popular online battle royale party game, looks to be getting a new addition in the form of a giant fast-moving hammer known as Big Yeetus, according to the game's official Twitter account.

"Leaked" in a post made yesterday, the hammer will appear "randomly in levels to shake things up." The account also made it clear that sometimes it will help the beans in their quest to reach the finish line, or it may hinder them by, well, yeeting them a fair distance when it strikes. 

There's no word on exactly when Big Yeetus will be added to the game, in fact, cheekily the official Twitter account of the development studio Mediatonic has said that it is "not offering press comment" on the existence of Big Yeetus. Regardless it's clear that the team don't intend to rest on the huge success of the game having already revealed a medieval-themed Season Two of content coming in October

Fall Guys is out now on PlayStation 4 and PC and started the week by seeing $1 million dollars raised for gaming charity Special Effect through their Battle of the Brands competition.


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