Exclusive video: Rainbow 6 Vegas VS Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

Exclusive video: Rainbow 6 Vegas VS Rainbow 6 Vegas 2
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The wait is nearly over – Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is just around the corner. And to celebrate we thought we’d go back and see how the game’s graphics compare with 2006’s superb original. The result? We’ve come up with an exclusive video comparison for your eyes only.

In an interview with VideoGamer.com last month, Vegas 2 designer Philippe Therien told us that in many respects the game is a directors cut of the first game. “The graphic quality is what we intended in the first place, now that we’ve really had time to work on it and optimise,” he said.

However, some gamers have said that Vegas 2 is no more than an expansion for Vegas 1, or Vegas 1.5. Now you can find out for yourselves with our exclusive Rainbow Six Vegas VERSUS Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 graphics comparison video.

For the purposes of this feature, we’ve compared the Xbox 360 versions of both games. For what it’s worth, we reckon that Vegas 2’s character models, faces and environment textures are much improved, but overall there isn’t a massive difference. The original Rainbow Six Vegas was always one of the Xbox 360’s better looking games, especially when played on a high definition TV.

You can expect a full video preview of the game later this week, as well as a review very soon.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will be out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC sometime in March. Until then, you can check out our extensive coverage, including previews, gameplay footage and screens, over at our Rainbow Six Vegas 2 gamepage.