An "exciting" Hitman announcement that "fans won't want to miss" is due later today, IO Interactive has teased.

Word of today's announcement was first hinted at by MCV, which tweeted "IO Interactive is updating fans on Hitman today".

Then, IO community manager Travis Barbour revealed that "Even more exciting things are going on @IOInteractive today. Not long at all until some of them are shared!"

He later added: "Keep your eyes on later today for an open letter from @IOInteractive - @Hitman fans won't want to miss it!"

The tease suggests that IO could be preparing to announce its next Hitman title, which is expected to be in development on next-gen consoles.

Last week, revealed that Square Enix Montreal's next-gen Hitman title, which had been expected to precede IO's game, had been cancelled.

Square Enix told that it could not discuss the details of IO's announcement when contacted earlier today.

Source: @IO_Travis, @MCVOnline