Ex-IO Interactive developers reveal new game ECHO

Ex-IO Interactive developers reveal new game ECHO
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Danish studio Ultra Ultra, founded by former developers from IO Interactive, has revealed its debut title, ECHO. ECHO is a third person sci-fi action-adventure, with more than a hint of Hitman to its gameplay style. The trailer introduces En, an inexperienced space traveller who, after a hundred years in stasis, arrives at her destination, legendary palace, created by ancient civilisations, which has been awaiting its first human occupant. En sets about bringing back life which shouldn’t have been lost in the first place.

ECHO is a character-driven story focusing on exploration and the world of ECHO quickly develops into something pretty unsettling. En quickly comes to realise that The Palace is studying En, following everything the player does in order to use it against them by creating Echoes, which are shadows of the player’s actions (or even En’s former self). The Echoes will change their tactics according to the approach taken by the player.

ECHO has more than an air of Hitman about it, which is clearly apparent in the trailer, merging this gameplay approach with something similar to the story beats from Solaris and even the original Alien movies. The fear element of this game is not from the present threat, it’s when En is responding to the unknown which The Palace will no doubt unleash on her next.

ECHO is due to release on September 19 for PlayStation 4 and PC.