THQ will publish Evil Dead Regeneration for Xbox and PlayStation 2 this summer. Cranky Pants, a THQ studio, hope to create a game that explores what would have happened after Evil Dead 2. Players will control Ash (voiced by Bruce Campbell) after he is arrested for apparently murdering his companions at a log cabin.

Ash is sent to a mental asylum, but evil follows him there. A psychiartrst at the asylum uses the power of the book of the dead to unleash a powerful evil into the world. Ash must use an assortment of weapons, including the infamous chainsaw, to destroy the evil that has been set free.

"It's our goal to create the spiritual successor of Evil Dead 2, one of the seminal action films ever, in pop-culture," said David Bollesen, general manager, Cranky Pants Games. "Having Bruce Campbell on board, providing creative direction and embracing new ideas we've injected into their universe is critical, and their enthusiasm continues to drive us to deliver the ultimate Evil Dead experience."

Expect to hear more about Evil Dead Regeneration as its summer release approaches.