EVE Online: Retribution, the 18th free-of-charge game expansion for the popular sci-fi MMO, has been rolled out to hundreds of thousands of players worldwide, CCP Games has announced.

Retribution promises "visceral consequences" to the massive sci-fi universe, empowering pilots to exact revenge on a much larger scale than ever before.

A bounty hunting system allows players to put a price on the heads of their enemies, or collect on the bounties others have placed on their targets.

A reworked Crimewatch system makes clear the outcomes of acts, both legal and illegal, while still ensuring all actions are the player's choice.

There's also been a lot of attention on rebalancing, with every frigate, destroyer and cruiser in EVE re-engineered to provide more gameplay options for new players and veterans alike.

Each of EVE's main factions will also see a new deadly destroyer has been added to the market.

"The EVE Universe has always been alive, filled with the choices of the hundreds of thousands of pilots who've lived in it," said Jon Lander, executive producer of EVE Online. "With Retribution we've made many far reaching changes and I believe that EVE will feel revitalised as we head into our second decade."

Source: Press release