Fortnite developer Epic Games has announced that it's taking on Steam by launching its own dedicated gaming store. 

The Epic Games Store is set to launch 'soon' and specialises in PC and Mac titles, with developers gaining 88% of revenue in sales and the remaining 12% going to the Unreal Engine creator. It's quite the difference when compared to the likes of Steam, which takes a 30% cut in revenue from game sales.

'As a developer ourselves, we’ve always wanted access to a store with fair revenue-sharing that gives us direct access to our customers,' commented Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, during a chinwag with Variety. 'Now that we’ve built such a store, and Fortnite has brought in a huge audience of PC gamers, we’re working to open it up to all developers.'

'We’re starting small, with a hand-picked set of games at launch,' explained Sweeney. 'We plan to grow throughout early 2019 and open the store up more widely later on. We’ll have an approval process for new developers to go through to release a title. It will mostly focus on the technical side of things and general quality. Except for adult-only content, we don’t plan to curate based on developers’ creative or artistic expression.'

The company has confirmed that while titles utilising any type of game engine will be welcome on the Epic Games Store, those that are powered by the Unreal Engine will see the licence charge waived. 

Expect more details on Epic's store at The Game Awards 2018 on Thursday.

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