The first part of Secrets of The Maw, the expansion pass to the very much liked game Little Nightmares from Tarsier Studios, is now available. The first of three planned DLC expansions, the first chapter, The Depths, has you playing another prisoner of the Maw called, rather succinctly, The Runaway Kid. 

In order to escape and survive, ‘The Kid has to solve water-based puzzles and swim through treacherous waters while avoiding The Granny’. So what are you waiting for?

Little Nightmares is a wonderfully, dreadfully, unnerving sort of affair, that lingers with you long after the adventure has come to an end. It gets right ‘under your skin’, Alice said when reviewing the game earlier this year. 

Alice and Colm will be playing this DLC on VG Live at 5:30pm BST, so go and have a gander.

Little Nightmares is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The first chapter The Depths is now available, the second one The Hideaway will be released in November and the last one will arrive in January.

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