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Ben Borthwick by on Jul 13, 2021

Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion delayed on consoles to work on PC release

Frontier Developments has announced that it will be delaying the planned release of the Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion in order to prioritise ongoing issues with the latest update’s launch on PC.

On the game’s official forums, CEO and Founder David Braben explained the situation to fans. He said “As you may remember in our recent development article, the significant amount of updates and development effort that has been done to fix and improve issues since the launch of Odyssey has meant work on our console release has not progressed as quickly as we had hoped. What’s more, we can see that the strides we have made through the last five major updates are positive, but we must continue on with this progress to give the experience that you and we expect on PC.”

He continued “With those things in mind, we have spent a lot of time discussing and re-evaluating our previous plans and we have made the decision to prioritise the core PC experience for Elite Dangerous. Ultimately, we believe it is right to focus our efforts on the core Elite Dangerous Odyssey experience for the platforms that we have released on, before opening up to more. We know that the work that we do to improve players’ experiences of Elite Dangerous Odyssey on PC will benefit other platforms in the future, but the dates and details of the console platforms are going to change.”

At the time of writing, however, the team are reluctant to give a new date for when players can expect the expansion to land on consoles, with Braben saying the team doesn’t want to rush the fixes on the PC version. He says that “Only when we feel that the foundation of the PC release is solid, will we be able to re-lay our console roadmap on top.”

The Elite Dangerous Odyssey update, which allows players to exit their ships to explore planets on foot for the first time, was originally announced to be delayed to Autumn 2021 back in January, citing the “ongoing impact of the global pandemic” as one of the major causes. For now, the studio says it will continue to fix and update the expansion on PC and will keep fans updated on its progress.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey launched on PC back in May, and you can check out the launch trailer below.



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