Jurassic World Evolution 2
Ben Borthwick by on May 17, 2022

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is heading to Xbox Game Pass from today

Xbox has announced that dinosaur park management game Jurassic World Evolution 2 will arrive on Xbox Game Pass today.

The sequel to 2018’s Jurassic World Evolution, this follow-up first launched in November last year. Once more, players must design and run their own dinosaur sanctuary with a couple of new twists. Firstly, the game’s set after the events of the then-most-recent movie – Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom – meaning dinosaurs are running free across the USA.

As well as the narrative changes, there’s been some gameplay overhauls too. There’s a more complex artificial intelligence driving the dinosaurs themselves, for one thing. Of course there’s also more species, more facilities and a complete overhaul of the terrain system too.

Outside of the campaign, you can also find a new Chaos Theory mode. This offers players the chance to relieve some of the key story beats from across the entire movie series, and have them play out a little differently, depending on your choices. To add authenticity, voice work’s provided by Jeff Goldblum and Bryce Dallas Howard reprising their roles from the movie.

We don’t yet know if both the Xbox and PC version of Jurassic World Evolution 2 is appearing on the service. However, we’re expecting the next batch of Xbox Game Pass announcements to be made later this afternoon. Hopefully we’ll get a clarification then. The Xbox Game Pass release also ties-in nicely to the new movie, Jurassic World Dominion, which arrives in cinemas next month.


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Jurassic World Evolution 2

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Jurassic World Evolution 2

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