The has been updated with a new short story focussing on the Aldmeri Dominion's leader, Ayrenn.

Titled, "Ayrenn - The Unforeseen Queen", the story reveals how Ayrenn rose from a princess to the Queen of the Isles.

The opening paragraph reads: "Some of our Bosmeri and Khajiiti students have come under the misapprehension that not all of the Altmer of Summerset are united behind our glorious Queen Ayrenn. Nothing could be further from the truth! We High Elves have a penchant for urbane witticisms and sophisticated wordplay that can sometimes be misinterpreted by individuals newly-exposed to our ancient and refined culture. So I've assembled this brief introduction to our beloved Queen of Alinor, intending to tell her story in a simple, direct fashion that can be understood even by our new allies in the Aldmeri Dominion."