Elden Ring’s latest 1.03.2 patch fixes multiplayer teleporting exploit and more

Elden Ring’s latest 1.03.2 patch fixes multiplayer teleporting exploit and more
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Bandai Namco has announced it’s dropped the latest 1.03.2 patch for the wildly successful Elden Ring.

PC players have particular reason to rejoice, as the patch fixes a nasty bug when playing online. As The Verge noted, the exploit could enable offending players to invade others games, and cause their game to crash. When the victim would start their game back up, they’d find their character stuck in an infinite loop of falling to their death. Hopefully, following the new patch, players will no longer have to worry about that.

Elsewhere, the patch squishes a few bugs that emerged following the game’s 1.03 update last week. They include ones that prevented Ash of War and Endure from taking effect, and one that caused players to die if descending from a particular spot near Bestial Sanctum. Finally, the team have also solved an issue that prevented players from advancing Nepheli Loux’s questline.

The enormous popularity of Elden Ring shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Just over a week ago, FromSoftware’s latest title shot past the twelve million players mark, and has become the most successful new gaming IP since The Division. If you’ve not caught our review yet, you can get your eyeballs on that here.

Elden Ring‘s 1.03.2 patch is available now on all platforms the game itself is on. You can read the list of major patch notes from Bandai Namco just over here.