Elden Ring player count soars as fans rush to reach DLC’s recommended level

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We only have a few weeks left of waiting before the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC hits Elden Ring. Starting the DLC is no easy task, requiring you to have beaten Radahn and Mohg, both of which are quite late game bosses. We’ve recently written about the fact that most players aren’t ready yet, which has also been paired with a warning from Bandai Namco themselves, and it seems that the evergrowing Elden Ring playercount is just going to keep rising as the fellow Tarnished prepare.

Graph showing Elden Ring's rising player count.
Elden Ring’s player count on SteamDB.

According to SteamDB, over 100,000 people are playing Elden Ring at the time of writing (almost tea-time on a Tuesday afternoon). Over the weekend, peaks hit 110,000, and we can expect this weekend to surpass even that. This places Elden Ring ninth in relation to each of the other games topping the Most Played chart on Steam, with it likely to overtake Rust in the coming weeks. 

In order to start the Elden Ring DLC, players need to beat a certain boss, and it’s recommended that you also reach a level anywhere between 80-100. This is no easy feat, and is going to take a monumental amount of time.

Though, with over two weeks remaining until players are transported from the Lands Between to the Land of Shadow, its only likely that the amount of people playing Elden Ring is going to increase.

After it launched, Steam’s build of Elden Ring almost saw a peak of 1 million concurrent players, and while it’s unlikely that this will be reached again, the DLC will spike this number for sure.

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