Elden Ring publisher warns most players won’t be able to start the DLC

Elden Ring publisher warns most players won’t be able to start the DLC
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The launch of Elden Ring’s DLC is going to be one of the biggest events in gaming this year. It marks the one and only expansion to the Lands Between, and is going to punctuate one of the most successful games of all time. Yet, a majority of players are not even going to be able to play the DLC thanks to the starting requirements.

In an interview with Famitsu, Hidetaka Miyazaki explains that to access the DLC, players will need to have defeated Mohg and Radahn, and the cocoon with an arm dangling from it will be the landmark that takes you to the Land of Shadow.

However, according to Steam’s Elden Ring achievements; only 37.8% of players have defeated Mogh, with a similarly low number on PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Bandai Namco have themselves warned players that there are only two weeks to go to reach this point in the game, although of course, there is no rule stipulating that you must start the DLC on its release date. While FromSoftware games are difficult, they’re not unfair like that. Streamer Cohh Carnage had been the one to originally note this fact, and Bandai Namco responded in due course.

A screenshot from Elden Ring, captured by VideoGamer.

Mohg is itself an optional boss though, so the reality is that it’s better to look at the completion rate for Radahn, the other boss needed to access the DLC. On Steam, this is at 88%, which is a much higher rate than Mohg. Defeating Radahn and Mohg is no simple task however, though we’ve written a comprehensive guide on how to start the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC to help you out.

People have been preparing for the ELden RIng DLC for years now, so even though on a technicality most won’t be able to even start it, expect the number of victories against Mohg to skyroclet over the nest few weeks.