Elden Ring invaders are disguising as candles to troll their hosts

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FromSoftware games are the perfect medium for trolls. The summoning feature opens you up to invasions, in which you can PvP the host and their summons. With the vast open world of the Lands Between and the Land of Shadows, there’s so much potential to muck around with the sanity of others, and disguising yourself as a candle and throwing your foes down elevator shafts is the latest trick.

Redditor OmegaAceGames recorded their antics ahead of the final lift in the Darklight Catacombs, the area just before the Jori, Elder Inquisitor boss fight in Shadow of the Erdtree. In the video, a host and their summon are running toward the elevator, which is captured from the point of view of the invader. They have disguised themselves as a candle using a Mimic’s Veil, which lets you live out your wildest prop-hunt fantasies in a fantasy RPG setting.

The comments breathe life back into ‘disguise trolling,’ as the Elden Ring community puts it. “You are the worst actually, and I’m totally doing this later,” says one, while another says it’s “[not] nearly as evil as the guy who sat on an elevator, blocking my host’s progression in the area. That is truly maiden-less behaviour.”

The scene is somewhat how I imagine an R-Rated Beauty and the Beast film would look, with magic candles throwing aristocrats down dark and dingy elevator shafts.

Other good objects to Mimic’s Veil as are pots, although with the recent discovery that they are in-fact filled with animated human remains, it’s a little bit more of a precocious task.

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