EA Sports will temporarily ban players who intentionally disconnect from multiplayer games in UFC, the game's assistant producer Jazz Brousseau has said.

Speaking with PlayStation Lifestyle, Brousseau acknowledged that EA was taking "a little bit of a different approach" to disconnects than it had with previous sports titles, and that it's "really going to focus on penalising people who quit".

"So, it's not just a matter of giving you a loss and increasing your DNF (Did Not Finish) score," Brousseau said. "We're going to use that DNF score in more meaningful ways. So, if you quit too often in a short period of time, you may be temporarily banned from matchmaking. You may see your position in the leaderboards entirely. We really want to provide a fun experience in the online space and we take disconnects in online pretty seriously."

Brousseau adds that while most players who abuse the online multiplayer will only face a temporary ban, a permanent ban may be applied in "extreme cases".

"What we are doing is we'll be temporarily suspending accounts from matchmaking," he continues. "We won't be suspending them from playing the game; but if you disconnect from a match too often, obviously there's going to be a grace period - because there are sometimes legitimate reasons to disconnect from a match - but if you do it too often and if your DNF percentage goes to passing a certain threshold, then the game will take action and we'll temporarily suspend you from matchmaking."

EA's new approach to handling disconnects could potentially make waves throughout its other sports titles, where they've often proved to be a problem. Could EA be planning a similar approach for FIFA 15? We'll find out in the coming months.

UFC launches on Xbox One and PS4 on June 20.

Source: playstationlifestyle.net

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