EA Sports FC Logo revealed

EA Sports FC Logo revealed
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Following the split between EA Sports and FIFA last year, fans have been draped in a cloud of curiosity and speculation as they await more news and clarity on the new football game, EA Sports FC. Well along with the introduction of the games’ official website today, EA Sports FC also revealed its brand new logo.

Though this reveal might not seem like much, the logo bares a very special and deeply rooted meaning behind it, and was selected by EA Sports for good reason. As you might have noticed from the image above, the new EA Sports FC logo has the shape of a triangle, which holds a great significance to the game of football but also EA Sports’ previous FIFA experiences as well.

Whether it’s the isometric polygons within the game to the chemistry triangles that exist in Ultimate Team to the player indicator across every match, triangles are everywhere in football, and have existed within the EA Sports FIFA series for years.

This symbolic announcement, again, might seem small. But it’s also the very first introductory one that EA Sports FC has made. And in the process, certainly highlights the creativity and thought the EA Sports team is putting into this new game.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out EA Sports FC’s release date window, game details, trailers, and more here. Not much has been revealed just yet – but that will soon change as the summer draws closer.