Josh Wise by on May 12, 2022

EA merges Codemasters Cheshire into Criterion Games

Electronic Arts has merged Codemasters Cheshire into Criterion Games, who will be working on the future of Need for Speed.

As reported by, Criterion will now comprise the original team, based in Guildford, and the studio in Cheshire.

Speaking to GI, an EA spokesperson said:

“This integration builds off the close partnership the two studios have developed over the past few months. Sharing common values and similar cultures, we strongly believe unifying the huge wealth of experience across both teams will help us to deliver the best racing experiences we can for our players.”

No redundancies have occurred as a result of the merger, either, which is always nice.

EA acquired Codemasters last year, for $1.2 billion. And it looks as though Need for Speed fans have ample reason to be happy. Especially if they like mobile games, because, there seems to be a Need for Speed mobile game happening. There is leaked footage of one doing the rounds, anyway.

The last Need for Speed game that VideoGamer reviewed was 2015’s Need for Speed, which was a reboot. Ian Dransfield said:

“It saddens me to say that, at the end of the day (which is always the time in Ventura Bay) Need For Speed just isn’t that good.”

There is another game in the series on its way this year, but we don’t know much about it. Other than the fact that it will come to next-gen consoles.


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