EA has set its sights on ‘exciting remasters of fan favourites’

EA has set its sights on ‘exciting remasters of fan favourites’
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EA divulged that it is planning to deliver ‘exciting remasters of fan favourites’ during a Q2 2020 earnings call with investors (via Playstation Lifestyle).

Mass Effect, MASS EFFECT, MASS EFFECT! EA, I humbly suggest that you consider remaking and remastering the original trilogy. One year ago, the developer and publisher announced its intention to remaster the real-time strategy game Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn, including its three expansions and Command & Conquer: Red Alert. EA and Petroglyph Games will deliver the classic experience in 2D with an option for the original resolution and an option for 4K resolution.

It isn’t stopping there, though. Speaking about the company’s ambitions for the next fiscal year, CEO Andrew Wilson said that ‘there may be some other remasters that we do along the Command and Conquer line that we just haven't announced yet.’ As well as Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, EA would like to make ‘exciting remasters of fan favorites.’ If you hadn’t got that, a selection of popular EA games may be remastered and re-released before the next fiscal year is up. 

The Mass Effect trilogy, the Dead Space series, Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic, and the first two Dragon Age games are all equally worthy contenders. You know how I feel about effecting a mass remaster, but a Dead Space remaster could get seriously spooky on the current generation of consoles. The entire world holds Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic in the highest esteem, and although Star Wars: The Old Republic holds a torch to it, it can’t match the rising (and remastered) sun.

EA has only just announced that a collection of its games will be returning to Steam through EA Access. It mentioned The Sims 4, Unravel 2, Apex Legends, FIFA 20, and Battlefield V would be among these, but Dragon Age 2 is absent. Dragon Age 2 is well-loved by fans of the series, and is argued to possess the most compelling story of the trilogy. A remaster would be music to the ears of its devotees and would attract new players who may have skipped over it in favour of the glitz and glamour of Inquisition. 

Of course, EA could not and would not confirm anything in the conference call, so we’ll be left in the lurch for a little while. But it’s still exciting news from the prolific gaming company.