EA: Don’t rule out Boom Blox on other formats

EA: Don’t rule out Boom Blox on other formats
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Speaking to VideoGamer.com at London’s recent Shine Week, Harvey Elliott, head of EA Bright Light studio based in Guildford, revealed that while he feels Boom Blox has really captured the spirit of what the Wii is about, we shouldn’t rule out the franchise making an appearance on other platforms.

“I wouldn’t rule anything out, never say never,” said Elliott when asked about the possibility of Boom Blox moving to other platforms. “Why I think Boom Blox has really worked is that it captured the spirit of the Wii. It’s about the motion control, it’s about throwing a ball or throwing an object. I can’t imagine that on other devices at the moment. There’s something very physical about it. Right now I’m really proud that it’s stayed focused on the Wii and I think it’s the right thing. Who knows for the future.”

Boom Blox and its sequel were received positively by critics and sales are said to have been slow but steady. That said, Elliott says they’ll only make a third game if they can ensure they deliver something special.

Asked specifically whether it’s likely we’ll see a third game in the series, Elliott said:

“I wouldn’t say never. I really wouldn’t. We’ve really enjoyed making it. This one does have a lot of new features over the last one. I’d want there to be a step again. I want to make sure that what we do steps it up again.

“The thing I want to do is watch the online community. We’ve actually connected to online – you can create your levels, you download them, you play them and upload your own. I want to see what happens there and then we’ll make some decisions.”

He concluded: “Yeah, there are thousands of ideas that didn’t make each of the games. I’m not worried about the ideas, I just want to make sure we make something special.”