EA will loosen one Spore computer restriction via a patch, the publisher has confirmed.

Speaking to website MTV Multiplayer EA spokesperson Mariam Sughayer said that players will be able to 'de-authorise' one of the three computers that has been activated with a Spore account.

Currently a legitimately bought copy of Spore can't be activated on more than three different computers.

According to the EA spokesperson the patch that will allow this de-authorisation will be coming in the "near future".

EA has come under fire from PC gamers for limiting the number of computers that a single copy of Spore can be activated on.

Earlier this week Forbes reported that the controversial copyright protection system had encouraged people to download the game illegally.

However, EA told MTV Multiplayer that it has "no intentions to make it easier for people to play a pirated game... than to play an authentic retail copy."

It also said that only 0.4 per cent of a sample of 437138 Spore users tried to activate the game on more than three machines.