EA has acquired a 59.8% share in DICE, making the publishing giant the majority shareholder. The deal has to potential to rise to 67.3% if EA exercises additions warrants in the company at a later date.

EA failed in a bid for complete ownership a month or so back, but becoming the controlling share holder appears to have been the second best option. In other news that will sadden EA fans, Battlefield 2 has slipped to an April to June 2005 release date.

While this is nothing like the year long delay that hit the console only Battlefield: Modern Combat, - due to EA deciding a single player component was needed - the delay, even though it is just a few months, will annoy Battlefield veterans. Being one of EA's biggest franchises you can be sure that the delay was necessary, probably to make sure that the game can meet the lofty expectations of the series' fans.

We hope to bring you more on Battlefield 2 in the future.

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