Dynasty Warriors 9 is a pretty major step forward for the long-running slash-'em-up franchise, being the first game in the series to feature an open-world China to explore. While the size of the game world has been relatively unknown at this point, we now have a better idea of just what Dynasty Warriors 9 is packing.

Japanese outfit Dengeki recently took it upon themselves to find out just how vast the game world is, and their efforts concluded that it's pretty bloody massive. You can see for yourself in the video below, which clocks in at over 24 minutes; and that's including sections that have been sped up for your benefit. 

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be cutting a bloody swath across PS4, PC, and Xbox One from February 13 in the US and UK. The game's open-world has plenty to offer up apart from slicing enemies to ribbons, so be sure to get the full scoop here.

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