Dungeon Defenders, originally announced early in 2010, has been given an October 19 release date for PC and Xbox LIVE Arcade.

"We are proud to announce that we finally have an official release date for Dungeon Defenders: October 19, 2011!" reads the announcement on the official Trendy Entertainment website. "It has been a while since we first announced the game back in early 2010, but we are really glad that we can finally give all our fans who have been waiting patiently the last year what they have been asking for... We thank all our fans for their support and we look forward to playing Dungeon Defenders online with ALL of you at release!"

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is available for iOS and Android devices, while Second Wave is currently an Xperia Play exclusive. The series of games mix tower defense gameplay with hack action RPG mechanics.

While no date has been given for the PSN release, the developer has stated that it will launch at around the same time as the PC and XBLA games.