Hot on the heels of Dreams' trailer last week, developer Media Molecule has now released a series of videos explaining exactly what Dreams is on a practical level, as well as explaining the game's story mode and showing off how quickly the tools can be used to create something amazing.

The first video explains the overall concept and idea of Dreams, a set of creation tools and suite not too dissimilar to the studio's previous series Little Big Planet, but on a much grander and more ambitious scale. You'll be 'dream shaping' levels and environments, and you don't necessarily have to start from scratch; you can use other players creations and reform and remix them to include them in your own.

The second video goes into Dreams' fully fledged Story mode, which will tell three stories of three different genres that actually intertwine and weave between each other. One will be a noir theme, the second with an action/sci-fi bent and the third a more traditional cutesy platformer, but all three are part of the same story. Crucially, everything in the story mode has been made by Media Molecule with the exact same tools that will be available to the players.

Finally, a pair of videos show off how powerful the creation suite is, showing that it's possible to build an entire level in the game within ten minutes, and an environment within five.

It's all incredible stuff. Also very much worth your time is this footage of a demo from this weekend's PSX event showing off the amazing music creation tools for Dreams, which very much put us in the mind of the old Music games for the original PlayStation.

Dreams launches for the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018. 

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