If you were doubting you'd see a particularly gory game on a Nintendo console again (well, at least since maybe the Wii's Mad World back in 2009) it's time to put those doubts bag in the bag as today sees the launch of id's 2016 Doom reboot for the Nintendo Switch.

The port brings with it all the gloriously gory action of the game's singleplayer mode and nearly all the DLC and updates it's had, including a point-based Arcade mode. There's also the full multiplayer content, although that doesn't come on the card and so you'll have to download it separately. Also missing is the Snapmap level editor feature which was sadly unable to be included due to technical constraints

Nevertheless, what remains is an impressively bombastic shooter that retains the spirit of the original while adding surprising depth to bring it up to date with modern expectations.  Also; it has one hell of a soundtrack.

Doom for Nintendo Switch is out now.

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