Like many of you who were excited at the news of Doom coming to Nintendo Switch earlier this week, I was specifically looking forward to messing around with the Doom SnapMap level editor on the go. Unfortunately this feature won’t be making it to the Nintendo Switch port of the game. In addition to this news, Bethesda has said that the online multiplayer mode will also be a separate download, because it can’t fit onto the cartridge.

When Doom was surprisingly announced at the Nintendo Direct presentation, many of us were wondering what concessions id Software would have to make in order to get its first-person shooter working on the Switch, and it’s been confirmed that the SnapMap level editor is getting cut entirely.

According to Engadget, Bethesda has said that the Switch port of Doom will get all the features and DLC from the original game, except for the SnapMap level editor. In addition to this news, Bethesda has also confirmed that the physical release of Doom won’t come with the multiplayer mode on the cartridge, due to size constraints. Players will instead have to download this mode after the fact. 

The digital version of the game will come the online multiplayer, but it’s a sizeable download and you’ll require an SD card because the total filesize will be larger than the internal memory of the Switch console. The Switch has 32GB of storage, of which 25.9GB is available to the user.Considering the PS4 version of Doom takes up 76.78GB it’s a mammoth task shrinking the Doom experience to the Switch. 

Doom is due to come to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

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