US retailers EB Games and GameStop have revealed that a Doom III collector's edition will be released for the Xbox. The websites are listing the title and also reveal the contents of the special package.

Most interesting is the supposed inclusion of Ultimate Doom and Doom II, each supporting 4-player action in death match and cooperative play. The set will also include a behind-the-scenes feature, storyboards and a sketch gallery; all sounding like the standard stuff thrown into these special edition releases. Had the conversions of Ultimate Doom and Doom II included Xbox Live play, the special edition would have looked very tasty indeed.

While Activision is yet to confirm this release, retailers in the US are already showing boxart, and British website Eurogamer have spoken to UK retailers who are backing up the special edition claims.

If retailers are to be believed (they have been known to be wrong) Doom III and Doom II Collector's Edition will be released in the US on March 1st 2005, with a European release sometime in the same month.

We will bring you any confirmed announcements if and when any are made.