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Doom Eternal Battlemode shows off new demon abilities in grisly gameplay trailer

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A new six minute gameplay trailer has been released for Doom Eternal’s multiplayer Battlemode, and its strategic yet unpredictable gameplay is ‘designed to be a fresh competitive experience that’s full of drama and deep strategies.’

There will be six arenas available to duke it out in Battlemode. The mode pits one Slayer against two player controlled demons, and there will be five different but equally lethal demon classes to pick from. Three of these classes were announced at QuakeCon, but this video offers some specifics on what it’ll be like to play with (hell)fire.

For example, the demon will be able to track the Slayer through walls using its player outline. However, if the Slayer breaks the line of sight the demon’s tracking ability will fail. The arenas are designed for acrobatic verticality and evasion, with jump pads and monkey bars for the Slayer to move quickly and erratically around the map. There are also two portals at either end of the arena, that only the Slayer can use. Slayers can use these as an escape route, or they can pop out and secure a flanking attack.

Players will engage in an elaborate cat and mouse game with plenty of potential for surprise attacks and near misses. If the Slayer does seize the upper hand, the demons possess environmental hazard abilities to turn the encounter on its head. These abilities are on a wheel, so that they can be deployed quickly in high intensity scraps.


The demon players may rely on hellish wish-wash to stalk their prey, but the Slayer is a traditionalist. The Slayer player is fully loaded with all mods and weaponry from the get go. Glory kill will replenish health, chainsaw fatalities will gain ammo, and toasting the baddies will add armour. An especially efficient Slayer would be a force unto themselves, but the demons have one last trick up their sleeves. Demons have a slow charging ability that blocks the Slayer from looting for a moment in battle. If this is timed just right, then the demons secure victory and the Slayer will hang up their hat. 

But, Slayers are stronger than demons with their loadouts and weapons, so the opposing team need to work together. If one demon is eliminated, there is a 20 second timer until their teammate returns with half health. If the slayer kills the second demon before that demon returns, the match is won. 

Moreover, players can choose upgrades, abilities and superweapons to keep the fights fresh.
If a team wins a round, they will get access to new, very handy items during the match. For example, demons will be able to summon the Baron of Hell, and Slayers can call upon the BFG. And finally, the mode will be supported with additional demon classes and new maps after its launch for free.

Doom Eternal will launch on November 22 for PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4. Watch the new multiplayer overview video below.


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