Neon White
by on Jul 30, 2021

Donut County developer’s next game is speedrunning FPS meets dating sim Neon White

Donut County developer Ben Esposito has unveiled gameplay for his markedly different follow up Neon White, described as a “singleplayer speedrunning FPS” that even includes dating sim elements.

The game puts you in the shoes of recently deceased assassin White. Plucked from Hell, White will get to stay in Heaven if he can purge it of a demonic invasion in ten days. To that end, you’ll be making your way through a series of floating-platform arenas, which you must traverse and clear of demons as fast as possible.

To do so, you’ll use Soul Cards. Each card starts off as a weapon, or can be discarded to use its ability as a parkour move. You’ll choose when and how to discard your card to best make it through the level. For example, the pistol card will let you double jump, while the shotgun can launch you like a fireball across large gaps.

Each level will also have hidden collectible gifts, which you can collect with the right combination of moves. Doing so will then let you use the contents of those gifts to give to your fellow Neons (the other assassins) and will lead to certain encounters and interactions with them in the Central Heaven hub between missions.

There’ll be medals for the best times earning you Insight to level up, unlock more missions and reveal hints for shortcuts. Naturally, there’ll also be leaderboards for you to compete & compare with your friends and prove who’s the fastest demon slayer.

Check out the gameplay walkthrough video below, shown during the Annapurna Interactive showcase last night. Neon White is set to release this Winter on Nintendo Switch and PC.


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Neon White

on Nintendo Switch, PC
Neon White

Release Date:

Winter 2021