People are already ditching their Steam Decks for the ASUS ROG Ally

People are already ditching their Steam Decks for the ASUS ROG Ally
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Now that it’s here, people have begun selling their Steam Decks to make way for the ASUS ROG Ally.

The ASUS ROG Ally has only just launched, though recent weeks have been filled with people debating which to go for – the Steam Deck or the ASUS handheld. It seems that there’s a split contingent between people choosing to hold onto their Steam Decks, and others sacrificing them to make way for the Ally.

The following Reddit thread collects the responses of handheld fans when asked which device they’re going to be making their daily driver. The top comment, rather wholesomely, explains that they have given their Steam Deck “to a friend so [they] can game on the go together. No regrets.”

Another user claimed to have listed their Steam Deck online for sale, though “no-one wants to buy it”, which could tell you all there is to know about how people are feeling about the two.

In a similar vein, this thread highlights how some users have sold their Decks already as “the thing was cool don’t get me wrong, just got sick of games breaking with updates.”

On Twitter, @HighClassRecs has said that after spending time with the ASUS ROG Ally they would not “have any hesitation getting rid of my Steam Deck”, which tells you all you need to know about how people are feeling about the two.

Many of the responders are stating that they’re going to buy the ASUS ROG Ally and wait a little while before selling the Steam Deck, just so they can properly compare the two. However, while people are gearing up to replace their Decks with the Ally, there’s also a group of people out there looking to keep hold of the Valve handheld.

One user is planning to keep “both because they serve different needs”, such as Indie games and emulators suiting the Steam Deck, while the ROG Ally sits better with Triple-A titles.

Why are people choosing the ASUS ROG Ally over the Steam Deck?

One of the main reasons people might be keen to pick up an ASUS ROG Ally rather than a Steam Deck is due to the difference in screen quality. The ROG Ally runs at 120Hz, double that of the Steam Deck’s refresh rate, though a trade-off here is that the Steam Deck has far superior battery and energy consumption.

The ROG Ally, on the other hand, is much more light-weight and compact than the bulky Steam Deck.

Ultimately, it’s the performance of the ASUS ROG Ally which blows the Steam Deck out of the water, which is why people are more than happy to fork out the cost difference for the two.