Battlefield 4's executive producer Patrick Bach has discussed the progress on DICE's upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront title, revealing that the team has yet to decide whether to make the game feel more like Battlefield or previous Star Wars: Battlefront titles.

"We haven't really locked that down yet," Bach told earlier today when asked which direction DICE was taking for the upcoming reboot, and whether it would feel more familiar to Battlefield players than Battlefront fans.

"I think there's of course a part of the DICE DNA to build the games that we're building, but then again we're building games like Mirror's Edge as well. So I think it will be a challenge for us.

"[You're] damned if you do, damned if you don't," he continued. "People don't want another Battlefield with Star Wars graphics; they want a Star Wars game that is proper.

"But then again, if you compromise brilliant design choices from Battlefield just because you're not allowed from some kind of moral standpoint, then I think that's also wrong. We need to make the best game possible. What that means in detail, we will see."

Whichever direction DICE takes, however, the reboot is expected to include a third-person component, similar to previous games in the series.

EA formally announced Star Wars: Battlefront at E3, after it revealed that it had acquired the exclusive rights to publish future Star Wars games.

Previous games in the Battlefront series were developed by Mercenaries creator Pandemic Games - a studio later bought by EA and shut down in 2009.

Star Wars: Battlefront is due to release in summer 2015. A second Star Wars title is expected to be in development at Visceral.