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Diablo IV drop rates are higher than normal during the beta period

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If you have been thinking you are getting too much high-quality gear in the Diablo IV beta you’re not alone, and that is by design. Diablo IV drop rates are better than norm right now.

After some of the Diablo community began voicing their concerns on Twitter, the GM of the franchise, Rod Fergusson, said that Diablo IV drop rates are tuned a bit higher than usual for a better testing experience and to give players a little more fun.

During the early access portion of the Diablo IV beta last weekend, players were noticing they were getting legendary loot very often. Some said they were finding dozens of the higher rated items, which made them worry that this would be the case when the game released.

While it may seem odd to not want the game to give you the best gear in the game as often as possible, there is reason behind it. For a game like Diablo IV, players grinding their characters through opponents is the main loop of the game. Getting a legendary item to drop is supposed to be a special occasion. If that happens too frequently, it drastically dampens the experience. It also affects the difficulty of the game drastically, making it much easier, and in turn, more boring for some.

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Even with the drop rates turned up right now, most people seem to be receiving the Diablo IV beta well. Since the purposes of this playtime is for Blizzard to identify and eliminate as many bugs and network issues as possible, it’s not a huge problem for people to have too many legendary items right now. Especially since your progress in the beta will not carry over into the full release in June.

In the meantime, we recommend taking advantage of the extra legendary items dropping in the game. Enjoy the bonus firepower while you have it, as getting those items in the full release will be a little tougher.

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