Diablo 4 players tired of having to teleport just to access storage system

Diablo 4 players tired of having to teleport just to access storage system
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Now that the Early Access and Open Beta periods for Diablo 4 have concluded, players are now fiercely debating the features that they loved and disliked during the premature preview of the game. Most users are unanimously praising the brilliant story and well-designed graphics. However, there are still a few criticisms from a handful of slightly disappointed fans.

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A specific gripe that some people apparently had was regarding the availability of the stash. This features serves as the in-game storage, meaning it’s often used after completing dungeons or quests to free up inventory space. Unfortunately, it could only be accessed in Kyovashad, which meant that those wanting to use it always had to teleport to this town.

This inevitably made a few players frustrated as they felt that traveling to and from this location just to use the stash was a waste of time. In order to remedy the situation, the same users are suggesting that Blizzard add the storage system to every town with a waypoint so it’s always within reach.

Those in the opposite camp, on the other hand, are pushing back against this notion as they are seemingly enjoying the idea of limited stashes.

One commenter in particular defended their preference by saying that “it makes a singular town more important and populated, while also incentivizing you to do a little more inventory management when away.” The same user would then go on to note that “the legendary drop rates were excessively inflated in the beta too, so you won’t be stashing legendaries in there that often at all.”

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Since the features that were included in the beta are subject to change, the players’ requests could be granted after all once the game is fully released. But with the actual launch still a handful of weeks away, there’s still no way of knowing what their plans are going to be so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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