Diablo 4 players less than impressed with error-filled Early Access period

Diablo 4 players less than impressed with error-filled Early Access period
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The Diablo 4 Early Access period for those that pre-ordered the game has finally arrived. Unfortunately, it hasn’t exactly been a smooth release as most players that have played through the game so far have mainly been met with numerous issues and game-breaking bugs.

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Some of the specific errors that have frequently been encountered within include in-game voice chat problems, graphical glitches with a specific cutscene, and the typical performance flaws present in almost every early access title.

Without anyone else to complain to, the disgruntled community has now taken to Reddit to vent out their frustrations on the ongoing pre-release phase. Some commenters are naturally angry at the developers due to how unplayable the current state of the game is. Others are simply baffled at the abnormally long queues that they need to go through before being allowed to play the game.

A few users have even reportedly had their pre-orders refunded due to the terrible experience they’ve had to undergo so far. With the first day of early access practically wasted, the community’s collective disappointment is largely understandable.

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Surprisingly enough, there are also a few players that are fairly optimistic because of the transparency being shown by the developers. These same users have mentioned that since this is only a beta testing phase, issues like these should already be expected – a sentiment that most don’t particularly agree with.

Whatever people’s stance may be on the current problem-filled state of the game, everyone is collectively hoping that the developers extend the Early Access period in order to make up for the opening day. But with Blizzard yet to respond to the community’s request at the time of writing, it may not end up happening at all.

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