Diablo 4 hardcore race adjusts rules following community feedback

Diablo 4 hardcore race adjusts rules following community feedback
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The Diablo 4 community has had its concerns allayed over a special hardcore race that’s been set in the action RPG for its upcoming launch period.

On the Diablo subreddit it’s been noted that the rules of the Diablo 4 Hardcore Race have since been updated for the race since they were first announced. The rules now include an extra note that to be eligible to win their name on the statue – players must not have been “previously invited to download the pre-release review version of the game during the month of May 2023”. Of course, employees of Blizzard are also not eligible to enter the contest.

The Diablo 4 Hardcore Race was first announced over the weekend, and is offering the prize of the first 1000 players to reach level 100 on the game’s toughest difficulty – hardcore mode – will have their names etched onto a real statue of antagonist Lilith for their troubles. It’s sure to be a pretty tough challenge even for dedicated Diablo players, as the mode not only offers the highest difficulty enemies, but comes with the caveat that if a hardcore character dies – there is no resurrection, and the character is lost forever.

However, a number of players were concerned that when the contest was announced that others would have an unfair advantage – namely, those who had access to the game’s review build, or content creators and streamers before the game’s official early access of June 2 – would be able to reach this goal sooner than most other people would. A few – such as TheSaga – tweeted this concern to Diablo General Manager Rod Fergusson – who questioned this advantage as reviewers would have their characters and progress deleted. However, it was also noted that they’d still – of course – have something of an advantage as they would not be going into the game blind. It seems these community concerns have now been heard.

It’s worth noting too that the statue itself will actually remain at Blizzard, and the winners won’t get a physical trophy of their own – which has disappointed some fans hoping for a physical token of their achievements. Still, there’s plenty of bragging rights just for the feat itself, and many are sure to be attempting this when early access kicks off on June 2, with Diablo 4’s full release following on June 6, 2023.

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