Diablo 4 Error Code 34202 fix – game servers not available

Diablo 4 Error Code 34202 fix – game servers not available
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If you’ve encountered Diablo 4 Error Code 34202, here is how to fix it.

The release of the Diablo 4 Beta is right around the corner and people are able to preload it already. Some of those that have done so have been reporting getting error messages when they try to connect to the servers.

One of these messages reads ‘game servers are not available. Please try again later (Code 34202)‘. This could prove especially frustrating if left unfixed as Diablo 4 is an online-only game. This means this error code prevents you from playing the game at all.

The good news is that there are some potential fixes out there. Let’s get into them.

How to fix Diablo 4 Error Code 34202

The first thing is to establish whether the issue is actually on your end, or if the servers themselves are down. You can do this by checking Blizzard’s website, where they list times when there will be planned maintenance outages. You can also check online whether there is a temporary unplanned outage.

If the servers are up and running but you are still encountering error code 34202, then the issue is most likely on your end. Let’s get into the potential solutions.

Close background applications

Closing all the other windows you have on your PC will eliminate any potential conflicts between programs, potentially allowing you to reconnect to the servers.

Power cycle your network devices

Power cycling your network devices completely resets the connection between your modern/router and your internet service provider. To do this

  • Power down all computers connected to your modem or router.
  • Turn off and unplug the modern/router itself, and wait at least 60 seconds.
  • Plug the modem/router back in and turn it on. Wait for its connections to fully restart.
  • Turn back on your computer and allow it to reconnect to the internet

Turn off any VPNs or proxy

These can mess with the login module of the game. You can turn your VPN on from within its app. To disable any proxies follow the instructions from Blizzard here.

Update your drivers and operating system

Out-of-date drives can cause compatibility issues, and sometimes drivers are even released for specific games. You’ll need to make sure both your GPU and operating system are fully up to date. We have guides on how to update the drivers for both main GPU companies below.

Contact customer support

If the Diablo 4 Beta has been released, you have tried all these fixes, and the error code is still persisting, you will need to contact Blizzard customer support. Explain the issue and the fixes you have tried and they will try to come up with a solution.

Good luck!