Does Diablo 4 have region-locked servers? In short, no.

Does Diablo 4 have region-locked servers? In short, no.
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If you are wondering will Diablo 4 have region-locked servers, the answer is no. We’ll break it down for you more here.

The news that Diablo 4 would not have region-locked servers came in late 2022 and was very well received by gamers. This decision was by no means a given, especially considering that many of the previous Diablo games had been, as well as the risk of higher ping times that non-region locked serves can bring.

Diablo 4 regional servers: Is D4 region-locked?

Region-locking in online games means that you are only able to play with other gamers in the same region as you. These regions are typically divided roughly by continents with regions for the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

This can be a really frustrating feature. Gaming has a pretty global community meaning it’s common for people to have friends they game with overseas. It can be really annoying if you find out you can’t play online with these friends because of region locking.

However, this is not a feature that exists for no reason, though Diablo 4 doesn’t have region locked servers for you to worry about.

Why are games region-locked

The most basic reason for region-locked serves is that they reduce overall ping time. If one server features players from all over the world, it will be harder to sync everyone together as the information has further to travel.

There are benefits for specific regions too. For example with a dedicated region-locked server, players in less populated parts of the world can more reliably find a server with a stable connection. However, with interest speeds only increasing globally, region-locked servers seem to be becoming less and less popular.

Frequently asked questions

Will Diablo 4 be online always?

Yes, you will need to always be connected to the internet in order to play Diablo. This still applies if you are playing solo.

Will Diablo 4 have crossplay?

Yes, Diablo 4 is crossplay as well as not region locked. This means you can play with anyone playing the game from across the world, regardless of the location of the gaming device.