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Ben Borthwick by on Jan 19, 2022

Destruction AllStars details Wreckognition revamp coming in its next patch

Lucid Games has explained the changes coming to Destruction AllStars Wreckonition system in its forthcoming update later this month.

The development team has pledged to improve the game’s systems for rewarding play. Previously, your hero bar would increase when you were out of the car even if you were doing nothing. The team felt that this was not really rewarding tactics or skilful plays, so they’re ripping it out and starting again.

With the new Wreckonition system, there’s two new ranking systems, including scoring moves and a Wreckonition Rank. You’ll earn the former by chaining moves together, with the more you do the faster it increases. Moves have their own rank from Bronze to Diamond, with higher ranked ones increasing that combo faster.

Your Rank, meanwhile, goes from F to S+ and earning enough Combo points promotes you through these ranks. The higher the rank, the more rewards and XP you’ll earn at the end of a match. These include Wreck multipliers, Lifelines and Super Slams.

In addition, the forthcoming update will also see an improved Training section. This will cover all the new Wreckognition mechanics, as well as the game’s basics. They’ve been fully overhauled, and include new in-depth explanations and videos on every aspect of the game.

You can check out further details of Destruction AllStars‘ upcoming Wreckonition update in the official dev update Reddit post.  The update is set to land on January 26 for the game on PlayStation 5.  Over the past few months, it was rumoured that developer Lucid Games was working on a Twisted Metal reboot, until they reportedly weren’t.


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