Bungie is a busy bunny lately. Not only is it part of a BBC documentary this weekend, it’s also grafting away on the PC port of Destiny 2, which comes out next week. Well that’s the good news out of the way, and here’s the bad. According to Bungie’s Weekly Update, the next two planned instances of Trials of the Nine have been cancelled. This is where you shake your fist in fury at the sky.

Trials of the Nine is a timed event that’s supposed to take place every weekend, and it won’t be happening for a couple of weeks due to the Monty Python emote bug that gave players the ability to clip through walls. Fair to say that the emote was quickly pulled from the in-game store, and players won’t be able to get up to some Python-esque high jinks.

Bungie has said that there’s a fix on the way, and pulling Trials of the Nine in the meantime gives the developer the opportunity to test the fix and ensure that it can’t be exploited in the competitive modes. The developer said that, ‘at this time the next instance of Trials of the Nine is forecasted to resume on November 3, 2017.

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