Bungie has provided more details on the upcoming Festival of the Lost event for Destiny 2, confirming the Halloween celebration will introduce a new wrinkle in the shape of the Haunted Forest.

This is a time-based event where you'll have 15 minutes to vanquish the 'ghouls and demons, who are spooking up a storm.' It's playable solo or cooperatively, so if you need someone to hold your hand, then maybe call your fireteam?

Festival of the Lost also hosts a murder mystery as previously mentioned, although we now have a few more details on it. The mission involves the killing of cryptarch Master Ives, a former resident of the Vestian Outpost, and will cough up some powerful gear when it starts on October 30.

The Tower has also been kitted out in a bunch of Halloween-themed items as you'd expect, with Amanda Holliday in charge of overseeing this year's spooky shenanigans.

In addition, the Shipwright will also offer up new Bounties that can be completed for Fragmented Souls. This currency is then used to purchase Lost masks and the Horror Story Legendary Auto Rifle. Sounds good!

That's not all. Guardians can obtain an Ephemeral Engram whenever they max their XP out after reaching the level cap, or alternatively purchase them from Tess Everis. 

Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost will kick off on October 16 at 6.00pm BST.

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