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Ben Borthwick by on Oct 8, 2021

Destiny 2 will be vaulting Forsaken campaign ahead of Witch Queen launch

Bungie has announced it’ll be removing Destiny 2‘s Forsaken campaign and sending it to the Vault early next year.

Bungie say that the reason for the move is to make room for the game’s upcoming The Witch Queen expansion. The studio will vault the The Tangled Shore destination too, along with Year 4 Seasonal content. They are “investigating ways to reprise and create new exciting Exotic special missions within Destiny 2 for the future”.

“Vaulting this content will allow us the space to launch The Witch Queen expansion and its new Throne World destination, as well as new features like weapon crafting, the new Legendary difficulty campaign option, the new Glaive weapon archetype, plus all the additional content we have planned for the four new Seasons to come starting in February.”

Some Year 4 content will carry over into the game’s fifth year however. These include the Proving Grounds strike, The Dreaming City destination and Battlegrounds activities. Bungie will shift those activities into a new ‘Vanguard Operations’ playlist along with Strikes.

Bungie added that it will release the Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign for all players for free on December 7. On the same day the Forsaken Pack will also be available to purchase, allowing access to the Last Wish raid. Those who already own Destiny 2: Forsaken will get the pack free, with three Forsaken Ciphers in their inventory.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen will launch on the same day that the Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign will be retired; February 22.


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