Destiny 2 – Who is The Witness?

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Now that the penultimate chapter of the Light and Darkness Saga has arrived, Destiny 2 fans are cherishing the story that they’ve experienced so far – even though it may have felt lackluster at times.

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With the epic interplanetary tale nearing its end, players all over the world are preparing to take on the all-powerful being called The Witness. But who exactly is this omnipotent creature and why is he trying to eradicate the Guardians from existence? We’ll be answering all that and more so keep reading on to find out more.

Who is The Witness in Destiny 2?

The Witness is the primary antagonist of the Destiny series so far and is also the main villain of the Light and Darkness Saga. It acts as the de facto leader of the Black Fleet and its Disciples, which include Rhulk, Nezarec, and Calus.

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An entity born from Darkness itself, The Witness opposes any being associated with the Light, such as The Traveler and the Guardians themselves. Its main purpose is to bring about “The Final Shape” of the universe by erasing all those that oppose it and its Disciples.

The Witness had already previously attempted to destroy The Traveler, but its attack was foiled due to Savathûn, The Witch Queen’s trickery. However, the damage that was dealt was apparently enough to cause the Collapse, which nearly brought the human species to extinction.

We have already been shown glimpses of The Witness’ power through the trailers that have already been shown for Lightfall. It’s worth noting, though, that what was displayed was only a minor portion of their ability as their full grasp of the Darkness has previously enabled them to move entire planets into a realm that’s under their control.

Is The Witness Evil in Destiny 2?

The Witness is described as a mortal alien who as mentioned above, is devoted to the darkness. This indicates that The Witness is indeed evil in Destiny 2.

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