Bungie has flicked the switch on yet another Destiny 2 weekly reset, with Guardians now able to test their might against some fresh Milestones. What's more, the Iron Banner is also open for business again, with fresh gear available from Lord Saladin if you're looking to update your character. 

On with the reset, and this week's Nightfall Strike has you tackling Savathun's Song with the modifiers Momentum and Timewarp: Anomalies active. Challenges include Speed of Dark, Unbroken, and The Best Defense.

Meanwhile, the Flashpoint tasks you with completing Public Events on Nessus, although remember you can finish this Milestone quicker by activating the Heroic modifier. Once again, new Milestones are available with Crucible head honcho Lord Shaxx while Medications require you to visit Ikora and replay story missions.

As previously confirmed, this week's Iron Banner quest is Control, which sees you capturing zones for points. Challenges centre on the following: Two for One (defeat two opponents in rapid succession three times), Avenger (defeat five enemies who recently killed you or a teammate), and Advantageous (eliminate 10 opponents while controlling at least two zones).

Bungie yesterday pulled Destiny 2 offline to implement update 1.1.2, so if you haven't fired up the game in a while be sure to do so now and grab this latest hotfix. Also, remember that the developer is looking for feedback on Trials of the Nine, so Tweet them if you feel you have something to say on the matter.

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